Toyama Jazz Chorus


富山ジャズコーラス 活動の記録

オルビス Live 2014

<1st stage>
1. Hello! Dolly (クワイヤー)
2. But beautiful (Apereas)
3. What a wondertul world (Apereas)
4. How high the moon (Quarter Note)
5. Medetation (Quarter Note)
6. Route 66 (Mustang)
7. Again(クワイヤー)
8. East of the sun (クワイヤー)

<2nd stage>
1. Lullaby of Broadway (aMuse)
2. On green dolphin street (aMuse)
3. In summer (Southern Cross)
4. As time gose by (Southern Cross)
5. Moonlight Serenade (Inspire)
6. 上を向いて歩こう (Inspire)
7. Misty (Inspire +井黒さん)
8. It had to be you (クワイヤー)


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